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Denmark jewelry brand Pandora jewelry (Pandora) for creating charm of animation and fine jewelry is popular all over the world is the world's third-largest sales jewelry brand. Pandora jewelry (Pandora) in a beautiful way to capture the unforgettable moment in life to create beautiful round of beautiful huan the craft is exquisite jewelry thereby gaining the customers all over the world. Pandora jewelry (Pandora) meter division Luo Enfu LanDeSen grace and Liz beth larsen wants to help women realize the one in the crowd still can highlight the personality the conspicuous effect of good let them through the design of their own jewelry expressing his own personality. Pandora jewelry (Pandora) launched in 2000 the Pandora pendant bracelet is very popular thus achieved a major breakthrough. Thus Pandora jewelry (Pandora) turn the direction of development to a different concept of patent: can choose pendant and bracelet any combination of personalized bracelets. In the design concept of Pandora jewelry (Pandora) to provide customers with the opportunity of personalized jewelry is a very important part of. Lish beth grace larson explained: "we want women to express yourself freely. You can according to their own ideas to create the appearance of any Pandora jewelry combinations." Luo Enfu LanDeSen went on to say: "Pandora customer collect many different styles of Pandora to match their original jewelry it can match your unique shackled antique jewelry also can match style and fashion of modern jewelry."

PANDORA with its unique and individual design tags hand catenary and have become famous customers can along with the personal preferences and ideas from the more than 800 kinds of handmade sterling silver and 14 k gold choose commemorative value or significance of hanging style free collocation. In addition the brand also provides several other USES real elaborate jewelry series. Now the PANDORA's sales network has more than 50 countries throughout the world. Today PANDORA is more welcomed Beijing new store (in the grand opening of the Beijing international trade mall). New PANDORA stores in prime locations Beijing guomao underground mall on the first floor area of more than 61 square meters fresh and elegant Yu Chaowang popularity in the international trade mall store design show colorful magnificent temperament. The beautifully designed PANDORA stores aims to introduce the wonderful world of PANDORA to consumers in Beijing pandora charms store locator, the further development of unique brand success criteria and outstanding international reputation made famous in international fashion PANDORA jewelry is popular all over the world. PANDORA opened the Beijing store for PANDORA in more than ten thousand stores in more than 50 countries around the world added a new member. Due to the strong development momentum in recent years and now the PANDORA has become one of the world's largest manufacturer of gold and silver jewelry.

The classification of Pandora jewelry product design people always have a mythical symbols need us to know more about the myth of the secret Denmark is also the world's superpower of fairy tales so the Pandora jewelry design developed by the more get the favour of people. Pandora jewelry is the earliest development of a bracelet including Pandora ring pendant Pandora Pandora earrings etc... Pandora bracelet accessories mainly composed of many small parts pandora charms, with Thai silver small accessories gold-plated color separation (rose gold and platinum) (24 k gold and platinum) thread Pandora beads Pandora threaded diamond beads Pandora inlay zircon gadgets Pandora glue accessories inlaid stone accessories pandora charms store locator, Pandora shapes are made by animals Chinese zodiac twelve constellation child shape and various patterns of love and so on a variety of English letters.

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